Business Excellence Policy

Our aim is attain a sustainable growth pace while creating admirable values for the society and the stake holders by concentrating on the actual business processes. Based on this our excellence policy is outlined as follows:

• Respect for human, environment and work area safety,
• Abiding by all legal legislations and standards on preserving and protection of the environment and natural habitat
• Watch always sustainability,
• Customer focus & happiness as the basic business approach,
• Apply continuous improvement philosophy at all processes,
• Efficient utilization of resources and productivity.
• Working in team spirit,
• Sincerity and trust worthiness at all level and relations.
• Emphasis on training and improving people, and knowledge base.


Enviromental Policy

Based on "people centered  management philosophy "  the broad aim of Waterfall's environmental policy  is to safeguard the environment and human health, and to promote sustainable development. 

The basic approach is to prevent the pollution and accidents at its origin without it is even generated and thus reduce all kinds of pollution and accidents  so as to minimize environmental damage and avoid compromising environmental conditions for future generations. The same approach is true also for human health and therefore  "zero accident" approach is the first priority of Waterfall management in terms of both occupational safety and environmental safety.

In Waterfall's management approach both occupational safety and environmental safety are the basis of quality and productivity.It is basic understanding that; if safety (both environmental an occupational)  standards and requirements are not met, then it is not possible to have quality and productivity at the work place. So this basic principle is applied at every process and level of management and daily working activities at Waterfall. The sustainability of business is bound to be dependent  on sustainability of environment and human health.


Quality Policy

Waterfall's quality policy is based on "respect for people" principle. This is the basis of TQM (Total quality management) approach at Waterfall. Total quality management practices realized at all processes of the company, has created significant results in realizing customer satisfaction, and in contributing to social life as a responsible company and a citizen.

"Management by targets" is the main pillar of TQM at Waterfall to implement the people based quality policy into daily working practices. Targets are established at all processes with continuous improvement philosophy and followed by management for implementation and realization. Waterfall management is sensitive and considerate in empowering people to encourage those to use their creativity and initiative so that continuous improvement at all processes are achieved and customer satisfaction & happiness is reached at the end. This is well accepted as the natural path to pursue company vision.

In the frame of this concept Waterfall has acquired ISO 9001:2008, ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 international quality certificates successfully.



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